How Women Destroy Nations

Watch These Two Highly Revealing and Restricted (- read censored, because truth hurts!) Videos by Black Pigeon on YouTube and Learn the Truths



(Black Pigeon Speaks)



2. How Women Dismantle NATIONS * / & other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS

(Black Pigeon Speaks)


The uncomfortable conclusions:

  1. Men build and maintain civilisations, women destroy civilisations
  2. Men are loyal to their own nations, race and culture and will fight to protect and preserve the integrity of these if necessary
  3. Women have no in-group loyalty, they betray their own nations, race and culture
  4. Women are drawn to scoundrels, not gentlemen
  5. Women fantasise about rape and being raped, more than 87% of women experience orgasm during rape
  6. Women’s liberation and feminism has been a disaster in the West, it has destroyed men, families and society and allowed society to shift to the left
  7. Women today have a new husband, called the government
  8. Heterosexual monogamy is the optimal arrangement for the planning, building, protecting, and the nurturing of the family, sexual liberalism destroys society
  9. Western men have allowed Western women to be liberated (by giving them freedom of will and freedom of choice in society) and thereby to dominate men in all spheres of society, including in it’s values, priorities and it’s future prospects
  10. Only by reverting to a more patriarchal society (i.e. by restricting the sexual freedom, the freedom of will, and the freedom of choice of western women and by abolishing feminism and female liberalism), can the west reverse it’s decline

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